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About Us

Drakes Traders Ltd. was founded by Dieter Esser in 1984, and is now the leading supplier for home and commercial improvements and building materials in the British Virgin Islands.

Drakes Traders started as a home-run building materials ordering service.  Dieter offered superb customer service and his reputation for supplying quality materials that could endure the demands of our climate grew quickly.  In just 3 years the business grew big enough to need a more commercial setting.  The first Drake’s Traders Ltd. store was opened at Pasea in 1987. In 2011, the Ace Store was incorporated into the business.

The Drakes Traders philosophy has changed little over the years.  We’re still a family-run business.  We still provide superb customer service.  And we still make it our mission to provide you with access to the world’s most recognised suppliers of ceramic flooring, doors and windows, kitchens and appliances, paint and building materials.

All our suppliers have been selected because they:

  • Represent quality and reliability;
  • Create products to withstand extremes of climate such as heat, hurricanes and high humidity;
  • Understand that aesthetics are important; and
  • Take their responsibilities to society and the environment seriously.

Drakes Traders Ltd. moved to purpose-built showrooms in Fish Bay in 2005.  Now you can browse over 30,000 square feet of top brand home and commercial decorating and improvement wares.  Due to popular demand, we began a kitchen design service in 2007 and we opened our Paint Store in 2008.

Products and Service Guarantee:  For your peace of mind and our reputation, Drakes Traders Ltd offers you an after sales service guarantee. Even though we always strive to provide you with products and services of the highest quality, we realise that problems do occasionally arise. In the unlikely event of faulty products, we undertake to provide you with a replacement and a guarantee you can rely on.