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Did you know that you can ‘recycle’ store bought veggies and start growing them yourself? This isn’t true of every vegetable you put in your shopping basket but there is a decent list of leafy greens, root vegetables and herbs that you can cook and use the parts that you would normally discard to start

We are fortunate to live in a climate that is conducive to growing plants and vegetables. More and more individuals are turning their hand to planting their own favourite vegetables and fruits because the yield behind a little bit of effort is very rewarding. We just need to look at the roadside mango, banana, avocado,

Simple Tips to Deal with Dry Conditions Drought conditions can be a killer for your grass, garden, and trees. So how do you combat nature’s heat waves and keep your landscape strong and healthy? STIHL brings you some tips and strategies for helping your home’s ecosystem stay strong through the harshness of drought. Trees Your

by HomeownerExpert When water is scarce and temperatures approach triple digits, it can spell trouble for lawn and garden plants. There are a few steps you can take to help your landscape beat the heat, and part of rescuing your greenery from drought is knowing when to pick your battles. 1. Spot the Signs When

By: Bruce Allentuck, Allentuck Landscaping Co. How To Water Your Lawn One of the questions we are asked so often at this time of year is “How should I water my lawn?” – sounds simple enough, but there actually is a right way to water your lawn for best results. How much water does my

Proper landscaping is key to completing the look and feel of a property. With the rocky, and hilly settings of many properties, it’s important to plan a design and select plants that not only suit the Caribbean climate but which require low maintenance care. At Drakes Traders we can supply you with all the lawn