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Ace’s Design Expert Nathan Fischer explains how to choose paint colors from the tailored palette of mix and match hues from Clark+Kensington’s 120 collection. Learn how the science behind this palette lets you choose and combine any colors to coordinate perfectly. See more at

Changing your cabinet handles and knobs is an inexpensive way to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom. A simple change in drawer pulls and cabinet handles can give your kitchen a new look. If you plan to use the existing holes, take some of the old hardware with you when you shop to make sure

There are a myriad of different types of nails and screws designed for specific usage and unless you’re a carpenter, you could get confused as to which nail or screw to use to get the job done well. Fortunately, the experts at Ace Hardware have useful advice on how to select and use the appropriate

Simple jobs around the home can be easily taken care of if you have the right tools on hand.  By assembling a basic tool kit now you will save yourself time and avoid a lengthy trip to source the tool you need. The tools we recommend for basic home maintenance should cost you in the

Simple Tips to Deal with Dry Conditions Drought conditions can be a killer for your grass, garden, and trees. So how do you combat nature’s heat waves and keep your landscape strong and healthy? STIHL brings you some tips and strategies for helping your home’s ecosystem stay strong through the harshness of drought. Trees Your

by HomeownerExpert When water is scarce and temperatures approach triple digits, it can spell trouble for lawn and garden plants. There are a few steps you can take to help your landscape beat the heat, and part of rescuing your greenery from drought is knowing when to pick your battles. 1. Spot the Signs When

By: Bruce Allentuck, Allentuck Landscaping Co. How To Water Your Lawn One of the questions we are asked so often at this time of year is “How should I water my lawn?” – sounds simple enough, but there actually is a right way to water your lawn for best results. How much water does my

Once you’ve finished painting for the day, it’s time to clean up. Get some tips from the pros at the ACE Paint Studio on how

Helpful tips and directions from the Ace Paint Studio on how to paint walls and ceilings

If you’re a painting novice, the different types of paints available can be confusing. We share some tips and explanations of each type to help you choose the right paint and get the look and feel you want. Interior paints A flat non-glare paint dries to a minimally reflective finish while a flat enamel has