Drakes Traders donates KN95 masks to Adina Donovan Home
Nurse Tracia Smart, a Registered Nurse at the Adina Donovan Home for the Elderly with Mrs. Michelle Rymer, Assistant Manager, Drakes Traders at the formal presentation of the hardware store’s donation of 500 KN96 masks valued at $2,000

With COVID-19 remaining a concern both globally and locally, Drakes Traders Ltd made a donation of 500 KN95 masks to the Adina Donovan Home for the Elderly. The protective face masks, valued at over $2,000, were recently delivered to the Home on Tortola.

Nurse Tracia Smart, a Registered Nurse who provides supervision of Geriatric Aides and leadership to achieve residents’ and organizational goals, joined Mrs. Michelle Rymer, Assistant Manager for Drakes Traders, at the store for the presentation of the masks on Friday, July 17.

Thanking Drakes Traders on behalf of the Adina Donovan Home, Nurse Smart explained that the masks are a timely and welcome gift which will help with safeguarding the residents as well as the caregivers against the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“While for now visitors and volunteers are not permitted to come to the Adina Donovan Home, we still have to remain vigilant, wear the appropriate PPE and ensure that we minimise possible contagion risks for our residents and our staff,” she said. “As far as masks are concerned, we presently are using approved, healthcare disposable masks which are discarded after every shift and we have placed the KN95 masks on reserve in the event that there is an outbreak. This decision stems from the difficulties experienced when sourcing KN95 masks; we want to ensure that, if we do have an outbreak, we would have a supply to rely on.”

KN95 masks protect both the wearer and the person with whom there is close, direct contact by blocking airborne particles from entering or leaving the wearer’s mouth and nose.

The donation of masks to the Adina Donovan Home was made in addition to the recent donation of 4,500 KN95 masks to the Ministry of Health. The masks have been described by users as light, soft and comfortable to wear.

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