Thanks to the support of our customers, we are proud to now be serving tips & product information to 1000+ followers on our Facebook page.

In turn, it was our pleasure to give back to the community with a $1000 donation to the Family support Network (FSN).

The FSN needs continuous support from the community to remain effective and the board of directors appeals to members of the public to get involved, whether volunteering time, donating non-perishable food items, clothing, office supplies, or making cash contributions or providing professional services such as counseling, financial planning and career guidance.

More information on ways to help the FSN can be obtained by calling (284) 494 7622.

Next time you are in the grocery stores, why not pick up some of the following non-perishables required for the pantry and drop it off to the FSN office located above the Islamic Center in Chalwell Street (perpendicular to Waterfront Drive and Main Street).

Tooth paste
Corned beef
Mac & cheese
Breakfast food (cream of wheat, oats, etc.)
Box drink for children
Hot chocolate
Milk formula for infants
Diapers (nappies)

The Family Support Network was established in 1989 as a volunteer organisation under the auspices of the BVI Christian Council. It operates today as a non-governmental organization whose primary aim is to aid individuals, couples and families in distress.