It is hurricane season in the BVI and we want to prepare our BVI customers for the potential severity of a storm. One of our premier suppliers, Ace Hardware has issued the following hurricane preparation steps:

  • Develop a plan that best ensures the safety and survival of all family members. This should include a list of evacuation routes and shelters. Some shelters won’t accept pets, so make sure a plan is in place for your family’s animals.
  • Make plans to stay with friends or family outside reasonable evacuation zones until it is safe to return to your home.
  • Gather an appropriate supply of food and supplies for your family members if you decide not to evacuate. Don’t forget your pets.
  • Teach family members how to turn off the gas, water and electricity supply to your home, in case of an emergency. 

When a hurricane watch is issued:

  • Monitor the news and weather reports to stay abreast of current conditions.
  • Make sure your vehicle(s) is fully fueled.
  • Prepare to cover doors and windows with protective material such as heavy plastic or plywood panels.
  • Check your supplies and fill any needs.
  • Put your family’s plan into action so that in the event you must evacuate you can do so on short notice.

When a hurricane warning is issued:

  • Consider evacuating. If officials order an evacuation, do so as soon as possible.
  • Take the contents of your supply kits with you when evacuating.
  • If you decide to remain in your home during the storm, gather the family in a safe place – protected from flying debris – such as a basement, interior room or hallway without windows. This location should be part of your overall plan.
  • Monitor storm conditions on a battery-powered radio.
  • Do not open widows or go outside to check on the storm.

Hurricane Recovery:

  • Continue to monitor weather conditions on the radio; tornadoes can occur.
  • Stay indoors and stay home if possible; keep the street clear for emergency personnel.
  • Keep away from floodwaters; they can rise rapidly and are extremely dangerous.
  • Contact relatives who may be concerned for your well-being.
  • Document any damage with a camera and carefully start the cleanup.