Hurricane season officially started on June 1 and if you haven’t done so already, take the time to ensure your property is ready for stormy weather.

In this post we will share some hurricane preparedness tops from Stihl, one of our premium brand of power tools in our Fish Bay outlet.

Before the storm, Stihl advises to:

  • Check your tools: Don’t wait for a storm to hit to find out whether your power equipment actually will start.  Take the time now to inspect your equipment and thoroughly check it and prepare it for operation.  It is important to check and ensure that you have fresh fuel and fuel mix available for tools like chain saws.  Remember that there are some serious storage issues with ethanol fuel. A good alternative is a premixed fuel like STIHL Motomix.
  • Inspect your property: You can reduce risk and prevent damage before the storm hits by identifying potential hazards now, before they become a problem. Potential hazards include garden furniture and barbeques that may need to be moved inside in the instance of heavy winds during a storm.
  • Take action to correct potential hazards: You should remove dead, diseased or damaged tree limbs or prune branches that are too close to your house or over the street. It is important to call a professional when dealing with limbs in close proximity to utility lines, DO NOT attempt to do this yourself.

If you are interested in additional hurricane advice and tips visit  The website will help you prepare for storms and ensure the safety of your home and property.


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