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Window and door screens are the best way to keep bugs out while letting fresh air and a breeze in. A hole or tear decreases the efficiency of a screen and can also become bigger allowing unwanted pests to enter the room. Repairing a small hole is just a quick fix using a stick on

It’s very easy to overlook a single broken tile on the basis that it’s too complicated or costly to replace. Ace’s Home Expert, Lou Manfredini takes you through the simple step-by-step process on how to remove and replace the damaged tile: Helpful Tips Once you have removed the grout, use a piece of cloth to

If your grill isn’t heating up, food is cooking unevenly, or you’re seeing a lot of flare ups, your grill might need a good cleaning. Check out the tips and advice from Ace’s Hardware Expert, Lou Manfredini and get your gas or charcoal grill back to prime condition!

Take some time to read the following tips and instructions on how to install outdoor wiring from Ace Hardware. These instructions can help you save time and effort, while ensuring a safe and satisfying installation. In this document you will find information about: Step 1: BASIC RULES FOR OUTDOOR LIGHTING INSTALLATIONS Your first step should

One of the most effective fertilisers we stock is from ACE Hardware. Their fertiliser keeps grass and lawns looking green and lush. Grass quickly uses up its natural nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium supply – all key chemicals that are required for a healthy lawn. Fertiliser helps replace these elements keeping your lawn looking green and