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Water Stop™ is a fast-setting, hydraulic cement that stops the flow of water, even under pressure, through cracks and holes in concrete and masonry structures. This product is used to seal floor and wall joints, settlement cracks, cracks and holes on filled concrete tanks. Sets in 5 minutes.       Elasto Seal Pro™ Elastomeric

Ace’s Design Expert Nathan Fischer explains how to choose paint colors from the tailored palette of mix and match hues from Clark+Kensington’s 120 collection. Learn how the science behind this palette lets you choose and combine any colors to coordinate perfectly. See more at

Once you’ve finished painting for the day, it’s time to clean up. Get some tips from the pros at the ACE Paint Studio on how

Helpful tips and directions from the Ace Paint Studio on how to paint walls and ceilings

If you’re a painting novice, the different types of paints available can be confusing. We share some tips and explanations of each type to help you choose the right paint and get the look and feel you want. Interior paints A flat non-glare paint dries to a minimally reflective finish while a flat enamel has

Learn how to prevent drips and get a smooth finish when spray painting. And, learn tips to prevent the can of spray paint from clogging.

Taking the time to protect the surrounding areas and to prepare a surface before applying paint will deliver a clean and professional finish than cutting corners. Neglecting to put masking tape over window and door frames, wall sockets, skirting boards, or corner, floor and ceiling joins will deliver a shoddy impression and can take more

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Updating your home can be as simple as applying a fresh coat of paint. Ace Hardware can help you find the right painting supplies to help you transform the “before” into an “after” you’re sure to enjoy. Since preparation is just as important as the paint job itself, set yourself up with some must-have painting